Sustainable Mobility

In the project development, the aspects concerning urban safety and mobility for pedestrians and cyclists are carefully taken into account.

The realization of Biciplan and Pediplan fits into a frame aimed at:

- Increasing public transport, accessibility, security, safety and minimizing impacts;
- Using smart technologies;
- Protecting the environment and the quality of urban life;
- Enhancing the historical and cultural identities.

All projects are declinable on multiple scales (regional, metropolitan, local) and are suitable for other pre-existing plans.

In 2009, we created the Pediplan, the first instrument in Italy meant to carry out a plan of pedestrian mobility accessible to everyone. The Pediplan originates from Peba and thus integrates all the guidelines ensuring maximum accessibility, even for the least advantaged users. It is the basis in order to develop a smart city.

All public spaces, particularly the streets or the squares, are seen as connecting places where to exchange, trade and foster social aggregation; thus, they become an encompassing public hall whose design and development is given special attention in terms of safety, comfort, accessibility, aesthetics ....